SpeakUp and Be Heard

Become a powerful speaker that entertains, inspires, and educates.

For Anyone With a Story to Tell

At Speak Up, we want to empower you to rise up and say what you are meant to say. Everyone is unique and has a story that deserves telling. Our leadership is composed of experienced professional speakers, trainers, and presenters with decades of experience to help you discover your message and tell it to the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting out.  If you’re passionate about impacting the world with your message, SpeakUp is for you.

Craft Your Story

We’ll help you find and hone your story and message from your unique experiences.

Launch Your Career

Learn how to make a meaningful career from speaking and impacting other’s lives.

Make An Impact

Captivate audiences and move others to action with our proven techniques and strategies.

Our Culture
A Passionate and Creative Community of Master Storytellers

Our culture is what powers the framework for our community. It’s our
belief in our culture, vision and mission that truly defines us. So what is
the SpeakUp culture?

  • To Create a “Smell the Popcorn” Experience for All
  • Have Fun! Be Enthusiastic, not Boring
  • Dare to Do the Impossible
  • Unleash Imagination & Creativity
  • Live the Adventure
  • Build Complimentary Partnerships
  • Be Curious and Innovative
  • To “Plus” Every Experience
  • Be Transformational and Accept Transformation
everything you need to know
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If you are going to take your story or message to the public and begin to speak in front of groups of people whether large or small you need a system. There are certain things that those who hire you to speak or train for their company must have or see for them to believe that you can do the job. SpeakUp is here to help make sure you’ve got all the training and resources you need to succeed.