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Your credibility is determined by the audience in the first 10 seconds that you are on stage.

In this highly interactive class:

• Get comfortable on in front of the audience to set them at ease.

• Step up and get up.

• Have fun while you deliver your message.

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Introductory Class

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Manage Your Stage Presence

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Discover your Performer Type

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Brand Yourself and become Memorable

Entertain Your Audience!

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Learn to Monetize your Message

Novermber 21, 22, & 23

80% Speech Practice w/Audience & Instructor Feedback

April 16, 17, & 18



3 Day   Intensive

March 4, 2020

June 3, 2020

Connect with Your Performer Type

September 2, 2020



2.5hr  Introductory Class

Become Familiar with All 4 Performer Types

Practice using all 4 types

Become Familiar with All 4 Performer Types

Oct 23-24, 2020

STAGE PLAY for Speakers


12hr  Workshop


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Create a unique experience that  will have your audience coming back for more. 

Think Bigger

Have Fun

No mind is changed that doesn't hear the message. Before you can inspire your audience, you must first entertain them.

Be Authentic

​​​​​​​Learn your Performer Type and create a brand that your audience will recognize.  

Connect with the Audience

​​​​​​​Use emotion to get your audience to feel and remember your message.