Don’t forget – no one else sees the world the way you do,

so no one else can tell the stories that you have to tell.

Beginner Course

Story Magic

Learn the first magic ingredient to developing your story. Develop your core story, the one that is compelling and engaging.  Turn that into your compelling message. Learn the 5 Key elements every story needs to have.  All great movie producers and authors use these to create great stories that sell.


Advanced Course

Message Magic

What if I don’t know what my message is?
How do I choose what to speak about?
How do I find stories?
We’ll help you develop your stories. Make them relevant to your message and product.
Transformational vs. Transactional with your message – Priceless
Wow & How – Should be the response from every message you give
Creating CTA – Call To Action
We’ll help you connect the dots with your story and message
Understanding your audience when developing your story.
The Model is Struggle to Solution

Three Day Intensive

Message to Magic: Blueprint

Turn Your Message into Magic and the Magic into Money. The complete 7-step program to becoming a powerful paid speaker that makes an impact.


By Invitation Only

The Risers Club

An exclusive group of individuals comprising the most successful students of SpeakUp and our programs. Access to The Risers Club is granted strictly by invitation only.